Things to help you

What size name badge should I choose?

If you need your logo, and multiple lines of text then 75x24mm is probably the best size for you. The 65x20mm badge is a great size for student badges and is also good for situations where a more discreet name badge is needed. The baby badge (55x15mm) will fit a logo and two lines of text, and is a great option for school generic badges. Having said that, we can print any size that suits you, up to roughly the size of a credit card.

What fastening is best for my badge?

Our magnetic fastenings are strong, very popular and are kind to clothing, although they are unsuitable for people with some medical conditions. Brooch pins are popular for wearers involved in manual effort or who often wear equipment with shoulder straps. Brooch pins are also the most popular choice for student badges. Alligator clips and clip/pin combo are also available.

Should I choose flat or domed badges?

Domed badges add a professional look to any name badge and work well in most situations. However, the flat badge that we provide has highly durable print and is suitable for all situations without the additional cost of doming. Sometimes it comes down to personal preference. Doming does not respond well to heat or UV light (car dashboards being a regular culprit) or prolonged periods of outdoor use.

Can I order just one badge?

Yes! We are happy to print one or many name badges so that you can order your name badges as you need them. A minimum order quantity does apply to metal products.

How quickly can I receive my name badges?

Generally we despatch orders within three working days of receipt of firm order, although very large orders may take us a couple of extra days. The time taken to get to you will then depend on the delivery method chosen. Metal products have a four to six week lead time.

What if I have an urgent order?

Just give us a call and we will do everything humanly possible to meet your timeframe.

How are my name badges sent?

Unless otherwise specified by you, we will choose the most economical method for you. Generally this is via Australia Post, although this does not always provide tracking or delivery time guarantee. If you would like us to send your order via Express Post, your courier or our courier, let us know when you send the order. Please remember that while we can guarantee to despatch your product when we promise, we can’t guarantee the delivery timeframe of the carrier.

What if I don't know what I want?

Give us a buzz to chat and we can help you to work out a badge style and design to suit your needs and budget.

How do I order my name badges?

Some customers like to send an email, others prefer the phone and a few still like to fax orders – we will work with whatever method suits you best. If the spelling of the names is a bit tricky or there are a lot of names, then email is probably the best method.